VTrust Appraisal formed in late 2011 for the special purpose of providing the real market with professional, ethical and unbiased valuation services. This independent nature of VTrust Appraisal allows us to be conflict of interest free and to maintain the the highest conduct of ethical standards.

VTrust Appraisal began as a valuation department of VTrust Property Co., Ltd, a real estate services provider that was established in 2004. For nearly seven years, VTrust Appraisal was a valuation department that provided property valuations and asset valuation.

As the industry advanced, we have provided continuing education and international training to our team of professionals. All members of VTrust Appraisal team have signed the company manual on the code of conduct. Our company management, board of directors and shareholders have made a priority to provide unbiased ethical professional and timely services to our client base.