Pre-IPO Positioning & Valuation Analysis

A consult designed for clients who are interested learning more about the process of becoming a public entity and being listed on the Cambodia stock Exchange. A session will cover information such as identifying which assets within a company should be considered for IPO as well as other material.

Indicative Value

A consult intended to verify a previously determined opinion of value by another appraisal firm. It is meant to reassure the clients that a fair and unbiased value has been established for the service they required.

A consult also intended to help those investors or owners or of business to realize the value of their business prior to merger or acquisition.

Meet the valuation Team

The Valuation team has qualified and experienced appraisers that are capable of providing reliable and trusted

valuation for the service that you require. These appraisers have a diverse set of skills and different backgrounds ranging from finance and banking, civil engineering , law and marketing. They are fully committed to working as a team and dedicated to working additional hours and traveling to various locations throughout Cambodia to complete quality projects.


*  Certificate of Valuation Services from Ministry of Economy and Finance

*  Certificate of Valuation Services from  SECC

*   Certificate of Business Valuation from PUM, Senior Experts of the Netherlands

*   Certificate of Intangible Valuation from PUM, Senior Experts of the Netheralands


* Member of American Society of Appraisers

* Member of ASEAN Valuation Association

* Member of National  Valuation Association of Cambodia


The Valuation team has experience working with different

types of clients in the following service:

Residential Valuation

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Bancks

Land Valuation

  • An Embassy
  • NGOs
  • An Investment Group
  • local and International Firms
  • Banks

Commercial Valuation

  • Shopping Mall Centers

Industrial Valuation

  • A Garment Manufacturer
  • Economic Zones

Agricutural Farm for Loan or Acquisition

  • Farmers
  • Local and international Companies
  • Banks

Machinery & Equipment Valuation

  • An Export/ Import Company
  • Ports
  • Banks
  • Construction Companies

Indicative Value

  • Banks
  • Companies
  • Individuals

Pre-IPO Positioning & Valuation Analysis/PPE for IPo Due Diligence

  • Phnom Penh Water  Supply Authority  ( PPWSA )
  • Telecom Cambodia ( TC )
  • Shipping Company
  • Manufacture
  • Retailer
  • Other Private  Companies