Land Valuation

We can appraise vacant and undeveloped land within our professional skills. Clients requiring this        analysis for pre-sale/purchase purposes, property development and other requirements avail of this service.

Residential Valuation

Our appraisers inspect properties ranging from villas to flats to apartments to identify relevant factors of the surrounding environment. Assessing the value of a property is essential in securing a mortgage, doing a pre-sale or pre-purchase assessment and clients to make informed decisions.

Commercial Valuation

Our team can provide commercial valuations that include retail space, shopping malls centers, hotels and more. This type of valuation and enable clients to make informed decisions on the creation of a lease, purchasing a property, selling a property and more.

Industrial Valuation

Our team can further examine industrial buildings consisting of factories, warehouses manufacturing buildings and more. This Value can be used to secure a mortgage, report in financial statements and for other purposes.

Valuation of Agricultural Farm for Loan or Acquisition

Our team can provide a fair estimate on agricultural farms for clients interested in acquiring such land, selling such land and the worth of agricultural plant on the land.